welWe welcome you to this online presentation of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, a select, academically-oriented, Catholic boarding school for young men from grades 9 -12.

St. Michael’s Prep is set on a hillside bordered by olive trees and the natural beauty of southern California flora. As you wind up the hill, leaving behind the noises of the city, you pass the athletic field, rose gardens and abbey church from which you might hear the priests and seminarians chanting in Latin. The Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey daily share the spiritual and liturgical life of the Catholic Church with their high school students. Visiting for the first time one can sense the order as well as the vitality of abbey life.

The holy example provided by the Norbertine priests and brothers of the Abbey is one of the most cherished aspects of St. Michael’s. Whether teaching in the classroom, or kneeling in church during prayer, the priests are constantly present to give the students an up close example of how truly to live the Faith. Without a doubt, the students are impressed with the priests who become their friends as well as their teachers.