September 8, 2018


• This Sunday there will be a Dads’ Prayer Group meeting for all dads who are interested.  They will begin at 7:00 PM in the Perpetual Help classroom.
• This Thursday, September 13, after the school’s football game (therefore, around 5:00 PM), we will once again have an all-school family potluck picnic.  All parents and teachers are invited to join the students for a dinner down on the athletic field.  Mrs. Toni Aeschliman will be email all the parents with more details.  Please RSVP.
• On Sunday, September 16, our College Counselor, Mr. Nicholas Hanson, will hold a meeting on college applications, at 7:00 PM, in the Perpetual Help classroom.  All junior and senior parents are encouraged to attend; all others are welcome to attend if they wish.
• On Sunday, October 14, we will have a guest speaker, Dr. Peter Kleponis, come and talk to our students and dads on the dangers of pornography.  The meeting is required of all students and will begin at 7:00 PM.  We heartedly encourage all dads to be present as well.


• The next football game is this Thursday, at 3:30 PM, at St. Michael’s (potluck picnic to follow).
• The next cross country meet is Friday, September 14 [Woodbridge High School
2 Meadowbrook, Irvine, CA 92604].


Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

Our Lord once told us that in heaven there is no marriage:  They will neither marry 
nor be given in marriage…they will be like the angels.

Why is there no marriage in heaven? The reason is obvious.  Or rather, the reason should be obvious.  The reason no one in heaven is married is because there is no childbirth in heaven—every human being is created to live first in this world; heaven is a reward which comes afterwards.  So, since there is no children being born in heaven, there is no marriage, because the chief end of marriage, the primary reason for marriage is the birth of children.  Again, this should 
be obvious, but some insist on closing their eyes and their minds to what is almost a self-evident truth.

The Catholic Church is often criticized for being too harsh and even cruel with regards to its teaching on marriage, morality, divorce, contraception; but she is simply passing on what has been taught us by Christ Himself, and, again, what is practically self-evident—no matter what your religion.  Marriage, of course, is a union between one man and one woman; a union of love and fidelity which brings with it many joys and blessings; a union in which the man and woman 
express their love and affection for each other.  The Church certainly does not deny this; in fact, she strongly encourages it; but none of that changes the natural biological fact that the chief end of marriage—the chief end of the marital act, the reproductive act—is reproduction, children.  You don’t need a degree in biology to figure that one out.  At least, you shouldn’t.

It’s all very simple:  God wants man to share in His creative process, so He gave us a creative act.  If the act was not for that, it wouldn’t produce children.  Now, it is very important that children be raised by a mother and a father (This is not to condemn any single parents out there who, by no fault of their own, are doing their best to raise a family.)—again, almost a self-evident truth, and one which any good psychologist would tell you.  Now, given the great importance of maintaining this union of man and woman for the good of the family, for the good of the children, God wills that they bind themselves by a vow.  We take vows to keep us faithful to a commitment which we might otherwise want to abandon at a later time.  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about in this.  

It’s a fact of life.  Our wills are not strong enough on their own, so we bind ourselves by a vow, calling on God as our Witness, to make sure we remain faithful to our initial commitment.  In addition to this, because the union between man and woman is so important for the good of the children, God also raised marriage (a natural union) to the level of a sacrament so that He could assist the husband and wife with His supernatural help, His grace.  

God knows how difficult marriage could be, so He made it a sacrament in order offer help.  Now the union between married couples also becomes a supernatural sign to the world of God’s love for His Church; and as such, the marital fidelity between the husband and wife actually helps evangelize the world.  

O.k., let’s review:  God wants the human race to multiply, so He gave us a natural act which would produce children.  He wants children to be raised in a family, so He wills that husband and wife stay together until death.  He knows that that can be very difficult, so He willed that all couples get married in the one Catholic Church He founded, exchanging vows before at least two witnesses and a Catholic priest (God’s representative), thus allowing the couples to receive the 
sacrament of matrimony, sanctifying the couple and having the couple in turn help Him evangelize the world.  It’s God’s plan; God’s creative act; God’s sacrament according to God’s design.  So, anyone who has been given the true faith and attempts a marriage outside of the Church He founded is not truly married.  They’re doing their own thing, not God’s.

Yes, it’s all very simple to understand; but the devil is having one a heck of a time confusing many and steering them off into disaster.  How many want to do things their way and so refuse God’s help by initiating what only looks like a real marriage! How many others, while perhaps being truly married in the Church, block God’s creative plan through contraception.  The results of all of this? Well, just look at the world around us.  You can point to pretty much any social 
problem out there and trace it back to the desecration of marriage and the destruction of the family.  And yet, as bad as the current social problems are (and heaven knows they are bad), there is something still worse.  See, the end for which we are created, the reason why God wants children to be born is not a mere social purpose.  We are not created ultimately for this world, but for the next.

This fact is illustrated beautifully in the Book of Maccabees. We heard about several brothers being martyred for their faith.  We ended the text after the fourth brother was killed.  The story goes on to tell us that all seven were eventually killed right before their mother’s eyes.  But did the mother think of herself? Did she worry about how she would survive without them? The social or economic conditions? No.  She actually encouraged each of the sons to give themselves up as martyrs for the faith, knowing as she did that that was the end for which they had been created.  

“It is not I who gave you life and breath,” she said, but God.  “Look to heaven…accept death, so that in God’s mercy I may get you back again with your brothers” [2 Mac. 7:23-29].  We are created to give God glory.  So, every time a couple contracepts, they are denying to God His creative power, His ability to bring into being another human person which He wants to be created for His glory.  Yes, abortion and contraception produce enormous social problems; but 
far worse than that, they rob God of His glory and they steal away from that child who would have been born his or her chance for eternal happiness in heaven.  And that is a crime the horror of which cannot even be expressed in words!

God did not have to create the world.  He did not have to create man.  He did not have to ask man to share in that creative process.  But out of love He did all of this.  He has called and continues to call couples to share in His amazing act of creation, to bring children into this world, to raise them in a human family, so that they may someday join the heavenly family and be like the angels in heaven and give eternal glory to God.

Let us pray that those who have been called to such a beautiful vocation might remain faithful to each other, faithful to their children, and faithful to Almighty God, to Whom be all honor and glory.  Amen.

Prayer Requests

• For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
• For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
• For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.