September 23, 2017



•The next Parent Prayer Group Meeting is on Sunday, October 8, at Maria Lange's home, at 7:00 PM.  All parents are welcome to come and pray!

•The school’s first Parent-Teacher conferences are on Sunday, October 1.  All students and parents (who do not live out of town) are required to attend.  We begin with the freshmen at 6:00 PM; sophomores at 6:30 PM; juniors at 7:00 PM; seniors at 7:15 PM. The teachers and their respective classrooms will be posted when you arrive.  Students are to be in complete uniform; they lead the conferences [new students will be instructed ahead of time how to do this].

•On October 8, at 3:30 PM, we will have an Open House for prospective students.  Feel free to spread the word to interested families.


•Our next cross country meet is:  Tuesday, September 26, at 1:30 PM, Mile Square Regional Park [16801 Euclid St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708]
•Our next football game is:  Friday, September 29, at 3:30 PM, at St. Michael’s.

Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.

The experience of failure is something we can all relate to, and if you think you haven’t failed, that is your failure. There is only one sinless creature and that is not you or me. So, let’s be honest and start right. If we are going to make any progress, we must recognize our faults, and take responsibility for our actions, and really mean it when we say "mea culpa." 

The point of recognizing our faults is not to lead us to despair and to give up hope. Nevertheless, we are often the ones who impede God’s love in our own lives. Many times we intensify our failures by overthinking the matter and dwelling on the past, on the things we cannot change. Brothers and sisters, we do not make progress by living in the past, we make progress by living here and now.

Life is a struggle, a valley of tears, and at times it seems like there is nowhere to go, neither left or right, nor up or down, but in the midst of that darkness, in the midst of the frustrations, and fears and confusion, you hear Christ saying to each of us, “If you wish to be my disciple, pick up your cross and follow me.” Whether you are a religious or a student or one of the lay faithful, the cross is a sign of hope, of salvation. Yes, community life or accepting your superior’s decisions may be difficult. Yes coming to a boarding school and transitioning and sharing a room with four other young men may be difficult. At the end, it is not about how difficult it is, but rather it is about remaining faithful to Christ. It is about hanging on the cross with Christ. Peter did not say, “Forget it. I am done.” Yes, it was difficult, but he said, “Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.”

We rejoice in the Cross, not because of the pain it involves, but because the one whom we love hangs there. Being faithful to the rule of life, growing in virtue, leading by example, having courage to call out those who are wrong, striving to live a good, pure and holy life: these are not easy. It is in these moments that we must persevere with Christ and take heed when He says, “Do not be afraid.” Brothers and sisters, let your love for Christ keep you united to the Cross, and if you have Him, there is nothing to fear.  “Do not be afraid.”

Prayer Requests

•For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
•For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
•For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.