May 27, 2017


•This Monday, May 29, is the school’s Graduation, at 7:00 PM, in the abbey courtyard.  A reception will follow.  All students are required to attend and should arrive by 6:30 PM.
•The last day of school is June 2, Friday.  Students will be dismissed around 12:00 Noon, if not a bit sooner, depending on how fast they can clean their rooms.
Please note that no one will receive a final report card or be able to receive transcripts until their bills are paid.
•If you have uniform clothing your student has outgrown or no longer needs please consider donating the items to the school. Donations will be offered to parents at both Orientation and on the Opening Night of school next year.
•Congratulations to our newly-elected student government!


Student Body President:  Pablo Leiva
Student Body Vice-President: Bruno Moebest
Senior Class President:  DJ Mason
Junior Class President: John Esser
Sophomore Class President:  Franklin Watkins


•The New Family BBQ for new students and their parents only is on Saturday, June 17, at 12:00 Noon in the abbey courtyard. Contact the school office for more information.
•St. Michael’s Preparatory has once again been named among the top Catholic high schools in the country by the Cardinal Newman Society.  Note the red seal on this webpage.  Congratulations to all!
•St. Michael’s Preparatory also recently received the highest accreditation rating possible from the WCEA/WASC accreditation committee.  Thank you to all who helped with the accreditation process this past year!


Visit To The Getty Museum

Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

The Church celebrates today the Ascension of our Lord into heaven—that day when, after having risen from the dead and having spent 40 days on earth with His disciples, Jesus was taken up into heaven, body and soul, a day which was of great joy for Christ’s disciples, as we heard in the Gospel, they returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  This might seem rather strange.  Jesus is leaving them.  What in the world are they so happy about? You’d think they would be sad? Who of us actually rejoices when someone we love leaves us? If we look closely at the passages of Sacred Scripture which we read, we’ll see the Apostles progressing from fear and sadness to hope and joy, and once we understand why they were so happy, we too can find in our Lord’s Ascension a cause of hope and joy.  

In the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles we hear the Apostles asking Jesus if He was now going to restore the kingdom to Israel? Although, certainly, they believed in Him and knew that He was God, some of Christ’s followers were, perhaps, still a little unclear with regards to the victory which He had won on the Cross.  You see, for the Jewish people, the Messiah was the long-awaited liberator, the one who would restore the kingship to Israel which they had lost first to the Persians in 587 BC and then to the Greeks in 165 BC.  Now that Christ, the Messiah, was going to heaven, there were a few questions to be answered:  “What about the kingdom?” “What are Christ’s disciples to do?” “How would they survive without Him?” “Why can’t they go with Him?”  

First of all, as Christ once told Pontius Pilate, His Kingdom is not of this world.  He did indeed fulfill the prophecies about restoring the kingdom, but in a more important way, in a far greater way, by restoring not a political kingdom to Israel, but rather the Kingdom of Heaven, His Church, the membership of which includes not only the Jewish people, but all peoples—a universal kingdom, a “Catholic” Church.  The kingdom was restored when its King died on the Cross; but, like Christ Our King, we too must suffer for a time in this world before we rise gloriously into heaven.  When this will happen, when the end will come for us as individuals, and when the whole world will finally come to an end—at which point the Church will exist only in a glorified state in heaven—when exactly this will happen we do not know; and Christ tells us that it is not for us to know, that the Father does not want us to know.  (Something to keep in mind the next time someone tells you that they know when the world will end.)   

Getty Museum Visit

Our Lord also tells us not to worry, for He will always be with us, first of all in the Holy Eucharist, and He will also send us the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, Who will guide His Church, His Kingdom hear on earth, preserving it from error and destruction, despite the many shortcomings of its members.  This is what Jesus meant when He told the Apostles that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes…and that they would be clothed with power from on high.  You might say that, before our Lord ascended into heaven, He put all His affairs into order.  Having redeemed us by His Passion and Death, having restored the Kingdom, He made sure that the gates of hell would not prevail against it, that it would always be directed and safeguarded by the Holy Spirit, God Himself.  And so, all of this being taken care of, our Lord could now ascend into heaven—paving the way for us as it were, and ruling His Kingdom from above.  

So is this a sad thing:  that Jesus ascended into heaven? It’s sad only for those who do not believe that He established His Church, His Kingdom and guaranteed it the power of the Holy Spirit, which, by the way, we will commemorate next Sunday on the Feast of Pentecost. And this is something we should meditate on and never forget:  our Lord’s Ascension was the triumphal finish to His work hear on earth, it is a foreshadowing of what will happen to all who faithfully follow Him, and it is a reminder not that He has abandoned us, but that He has won the battle against the devil, that He watches over us from heaven where He gloriously reigns, and that His Holy Spirit has been given to His Church, His Kingdom, to guide her back to Him. 

May Christ our King, ascended into heaven, reign in our hearts!        


Prayer Requests

•For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
•For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
•For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.

Senior Outing