March 4, 2017


•Returning students are required to make a $3,500 non-refundable tuition deposit in order to secure a position for the 2017-2018 school year. All deposits must be made by March 20th.
•There is a “Dads’ Night Out” this Sunday, at 6:30 PM, in the Perpetual Help Room.  All dads are welcome to attend.
•Thank you to all the families who provided an authentic Asian dinner for the students, priests and seminarians last Monday!

•Congratulations to freshman Franklin Watkins, who received his Eagle Scout Award this weekend!
•Congratulations to senior Andrew Book, who recently was awarded the Presidential Scholarship from Christendom College.

•Thank you to the Serrano Family who provided a “Fat Tuesday” fiesta for the students last Tuesday!
On Sunday, March 12, we will have our student led Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Freshmen begin at 6:00 PM; Sophomores at 6:30 PM; Juniors at 7:00 PM; Seniors at 7:15 PM.  All students and parents are require to attend.

•St. Norbert:  Fr. Justin; Mr. Lieggi; Fr. Sebastian
•Perpetual Help:  Mr. Langley; Frater Frederick; Mr. Meschuk         
•St. Joseph:  Fr. John Henry; Fr. Brendan; Mr. Hanson
•John Bosco:  Fr. Bartus
•St. Michael:  Mr. Tomescu   
•Pope Benedict:  Frater Pio; Fr. Maximilian; Frater Clement  
•Science Lab:  Frater Julian                   
•Parking Lot:  Fr. Victor; Fr. Alan

•The third quarter oral exams are March 14-17.  Students are encouraged to study; parents are encouraged to pray!

Fat Tuesday Pinata Games



•Our next baseball games are:  March 7 (Tuesday), at 3:15 PM, at Memorial Park [1600 East Foothill Blvd., Upland, CA 91786]; and March 10 (Friday), at 3:30 PM, at St. Michael’s.


Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

In the Holy Gospel we hear the well-known story of our Lord being tempted in the desert, where He fasted and prayed for forty days in preparation for His public life, which He was about to undertake.  Like so many other episodes of Jesus’ life which we hear recounted year after year, there is the tendency to just gloss over this passage without taking notice of what our Lord is trying to teach us; and what He does want us to learn in this story is helpful for our salvation, so we ought to give it some consideration. 

One of the reasons why our Lord went through this battle with the devil in the desert is to teach us how to combat this “father of lies” when we are tempted.  With every temptation and subsequent response by Christ we learn another tactic:  the importance of fasting, the importance of not tempting God, the importance of humility, and so on.  But even the manner our Lord uses to respond to the devil each time teaches us yet one more lesson, namely the importance of reading and knowing Sacred Scripture.  Every time the devil tempts Christ, Christ rebukes the devil with a passage from the Bible.  The Word Made Flesh rebukes Satan with the written Word of God, showing us how powerful and important it, in fact, is.  You can say that this temptation in the desert was the first Catholic debate, an introduction to Catholic apologetics. 

St. Jerome warns us that Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.  This makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that God reveals Himself and His truths to us through two channels, as it were:  Sacred Scripture and Tradition, divine revelation transmitted by letter and by word of mouth, to paraphrase St. Paul.  And so if the Bible is one of the two ways we come to know about Christ and the whole history of salvation, it follows that to neglect reading Scripture would result to some degree in ignorance of Christ. 

Now it is true, that, strictly speaking, because we have the Church to teach us what we need to know for salvation, reading Scripture might not be absolutely necessary for salvation.  We can be sure, however, that God will inquire on Judgement Day why it was that we never or rarely ever spent time reading and meditating on His written Word.  St. John Chrysostom calls the Bible letters sent by God to man.  The person who does not read Scripture, then, can be likened to someone who simply deletes your email without ever opening it, only this piece of mail is from God Himself, since we know that every word of Sacred Scripture has the Holy Spirit as its author, which also means that all of Scripture is infallible, perfect, without error.  We spend so much time reading things which are utterly useless and even harmful.  Why don’t we ever spend time reading the Word of God? God did not create the Bible to decorate our coffee tables.

Asian Festive Dinner


Another reason why we should study Sacred Scripture, in addition to our own spiritual nourishment, is the defense of our Faith and the conversion of others.  St. Peter warns us as He did the early Christians:  Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you [1 Pet 3:15].  “Be prepared to make a defense.”  How many Catholics fall away from the one true Faith when, on that fateful day, the Protestant missionary or Jehovah Witness knocks on his door, dazzles him with a few quotes from the Bible, and finishes him off by telling him that the Catholic Faith teaches things against Sacred Scripture.  The Catholic, often enough, stands there feeling rather ashamed of his Faith, and even joins the missionary in calling Catholicism into question.  When all it would take is a little studying of Scripture, a little memorization of a few quotes and the Catholic not only could have saved himself but even won a convert to the true Faith.  But instead the Catholic spent his time watching television and memorizing football stats.. 

God, in His infinite goodness and love, has revealed His supernatural truths to us in Sacred Scripture.  Why don’t we all make a resolution on this First Sunday of Lent to read a little of the Bible everyday for at least the next 40 days.  What could be a better preparation for commemorating our Lord’s Resurrection than reading the history of salvation, “God’s letters to man”? When the Word Incarnate comes down on this altar today at the consecration, ask Him to help you spend your time well this Lenten Season, by listening to what He wants to communicate to you through Sacred Scripture, the written Word of God. 

Prayer Requests

•Teresa Johnston, sister of senior Timothy Johnston, who suffered a tragic accident in the recent storms.  Please pray to Blessed James Kern (Norbertine saint) for her recovery.
•For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
•For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
•For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.