March 31, 2018

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit! Alleluia!

He Has Risen As He Said! Alleluia!



•Students return from Easter break on Sunday, April 8.
•The school’s next Open House for prospective students is on Saturday, April 14, at 3:30 PM.  Feel free to spread the word!

Student Holy Week Procession



•Congratulations to our baseball team on their recent victory over Eastside Christian!
[*Updated] The next baseball games are:  Tuesday, April 10, at 3:00 PM, at St. Michael’s; and (double header) Friday, April 13, at 3:30 PM (first game) and 5:30 PM (second game), at LaVerne Lutheran [La Verne Sports Complex; 3104 D St, La Verne, CA 91750]


Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

St. Peter and St. John enter into the empty tomb, see and believe…

What exactly did they see?  Some scholars say that they saw the famous Shroud of Turin, the cloth in which the body of our Lord was wrapped and on which His image was miraculously imprinted; and that seeing this miracle, they believed.  Others say that the fact that our Lord’s body was gone and that the burial clothes were folded-up, showing that His body was not simply stolen, is what moved the 2 Apostles to believe. 

The more important question, however, and one which is much easier to answer, is not what moved them to believe, but rather, what did they believe in.  Did they simply believe that Christ really rose from the dead and no more? As if they were just acknowledging the success of a well-worked magic trick? No.  When they entered the tomb, they finally believed with all their heart that Christ Jesus really is Who He said He was—the Messiah, the Savior of the world, God Himself; and confessing that He really is God, they also then firmly believed in everything that He had taught them and followed Him faithfully.

One of the reasons why our Lord worked miracles during His earthly life was to give credence to what He taught.  If His claim to be the “Light of the World” was supported by His curing the blind, if His teaching that He has power to forgive sins was backed up by making the lame walk, then it only makes sense that His greatest teaching—the teaching that, by His Passion and Death He has redeemed the world and broken the hold the devil had on man—it only makes sense that this most awesome truth should be backed up by the most amazing miracle:  His own Resurrection from the dead, really and 
truly, soul and body.

Archery Club

To rise from the dead in such a way is an act which can be attributed to God alone; and hence His Resurrection after three days in the tomb completely refuted the idea that Jesus Christ was just some great prophet, just another “nice guy.”  The faith of most of Christ’s followers was severely shaken three days before by His most bitter Passion and Death.  And even though it was this same Death on the Cross which redeemed mankind, paying the debt for our sins and the sins of the whole world, very few would have believed it, very few would have acknowledged that Jesus was God and that He actually destroyed the eternal grip of death by His own Death, very few would have believed any of His teachings, had He not risen from the dead as He foretold.  And, on the other hand, having risen, having been seen not only by the Apostles but by over 500 others (as St. Paul tells us in1 Cor 15:6), having spent 40 days preaching on earth before ascending into heaven, who could deny Him or any of His teachings? Who could not honor Him as God and King? Any yet many still rejected Him then, as many still reject Him now.  Despite His glorious Resurrection and countless other miracles, it still requires the gift of faith in order to believe in Him and His teachings.

As we renew our baptismal vows during this Eastertide, pray for an increase and perseverance in the gift of faith, which God has so graciously given you; and pray for the conversion of so many others who still do not believe in Christ, for their salvation depends on it.  May you all have a most blessed and holy Eastertide, and may you persevere in your faith until you see the Risen Christ, our glorious King, face to face in heaven.

Archery Club


Prayer Requests

•For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
•For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
•For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.  




Student Holy Week Procession