August 16, 2018


• Welcome to a new school year to all our students and families!
• Students return this Sunday around 6:00 PM.  Parents may help their sons move into their rooms.  Students should arrive in their uniform.
Please remember that your son needs an annual physical before returning to school.  Turn in the paperwork to Mrs. Toni Aeschliman this week!
• Note that ties, emblems and PE uniforms will be available for purchase on opening night.  There will be a table set up in the parking lot for this.
• Looking ahead:  Labor Day Weekend (August 31-September 2) is a 3-day weekend.  Students return on Monday (September 3) evening around 7:15 PM.  No weekenders are allowed to spend the weekend at the school.
• Parents are reminded to check our online grading program every now and then.  If you lost your password, feel free to send an email to Fr. Victor and he will get you another one.
• Mrs. Rimini Esser will once again lead the monthly Moms’ Prayer Group.  More information to come.

• This year we have added a Drama class to our curriculum.  Mrs. Angela Cybulski will teach it on Monday and Wednesday evenings.



• Our football team has a new head coach this year, Mr. Scott Schardt (STM alumnus); Fr. Vianney is the assistant coach.  Our first game is Friday, August 24, against St. Joseph Academy, at Connors Park [320 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069].  
• Cross Country will have its first practice on Monday after school.  Fr. Alan, the assistant coach, will lead the practice.  Our head coach will be Mr. Johann Schoenfeld (STM alumnus).
• Frater Peregrine will be the Archery coach this year.  More information to come.






Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

Cardinal John Henry Newman once said:  An academic system without the personal influence of teachers upon pupils is an arctic winter; with influence there is life, without it there is none.  What he was saying was that an institution of learning is made up of more than just textbooks and exams.  He recognized that it was the living communication of ideas from teacher to student that forms the essence of a school.  The teacher’s “personal touch” adds not a little to the raw materials of education—the facts, the dates, the equations and rules, giving them life, as it were, and influencing a student in a way that no textbook could ever do.  Surely we can all recall a particular teacher who, in one way or another, seems to have had a certain impact on our lives by teaching us things that go far beyond the written page.

At St. Michael’s we pride ourselves on this personal influence, on giving our students not just an education but a formation—something which our teacher to student ratio allows us to do quite well.  And yet, as good as our teachers may be, as generous as they may have been in giving of their time and talents, the one thing that puts St. Michael’s head and shoulders above any other institution of learning is that one “class,” so to speak, that these 64 young men attend every morning and every evening.  Twice a day, at Holy Mass and at Adoration, they kneel at the feet of the Divine Master, Christ the Supreme Teacher, and learn lessons not found in any textbook.  They receive the personal influence of none other than Jesus Christ, a Divine Person; and with this personal influence comes life, not just metaphorically, but really and truly, in fact, supernaturally.

To be sure, just as with any other class you will find students who complain about having to attend this class.  Some will say they are bored and will even fall asleep at times.  Others, unfortunately, will goof around on occasion instead of paying attention to what this Teacher has to say to them.  Those students, however, who make good use of their time with our Blessed Lord, who listen to Him while He speaks to them in the depths of their hearts and who speak to Him with love and respect, those students will receive an abundance of God’s grace, a share in His own divine life, as well as an influx of His divine wisdom.  They will benefit immensely from Christ’s own personal influence.  They might not realize or appreciate it now—such is often the case in education; but one day when they reach that “final exam” which we shall all have to take, they will be very glad, to say the least, that they had the golden opportunity of meeting with Christ their Teacher two times a day. 

May they, may all of us learn from Him; for He wishes, by His personal influence, to take our cold arctic hearts and infuse into them the fire of His divine love, a spark of His infinite wisdom and a share of His eternal life.  To Him be all glory and honor for ages and ages.  Amen.  

Prayer Requests

• For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
• For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
• For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.  
• For Glenn Emanuel, father of 2 alumni, who is suffering from heart problems.