April 21, 2019

Resurrexit sicut dixit.  Alleluia!



Happy Easter!

Congratulations to the following students who received an award on the National Latin Exam.

Gold Medal (Summa Cum Laude):  Ryan Nguyen, Kyle Nguyen (Silverado), Dillon Tuliau, Alexander Phamn, Amaru Vasquez, Franklin Watkins.

Silver Medal (Maxima Cum Laude): Jose Gallardo, Isaac Domingo, Kyle Nguyen (Anaheim), Luke Smith, Luke Nguyen, Leighton Frater, Anthony Nguyen, John Esser, Andrew Burnham.

Magna Cum Laude: Thu Vu, Nathan Clark, Santiago Barreto, Briggs Moravec.

Cum Laude: William Babbitt, Myunghyun Kim, Jacob Rems, Lucas Lopez.


National Latin Exam Winners

The next Moms' Prayer Group meeting will be this coming Sunday, May 7, at 7:00 PM, in the Perpetual Help Room.  The next Dads' Prayer Group meeting will be the following Sunday, May 14, at 7:00 PM.


• Congratulations to Jacob Rems, who took 4th place in the State Final Archery Competition!
• Congratulations to Fr. Alan, Fr. Vianney and the baseball team on their completed season.

Holy Week Procession


Sermon by a Norbertine Priest

This morning, approximately 1,985 years ago, the greatest event in human history took place, the greatest miracle was performed, the greatest mystery was revealed:  Jesus Christ, true God and true man, after lying in the tomb for 3 days, rose from the dead.  Alleluia! Praise God! 

As with so many extraordinary events, we might find ourselves saying, “If only we could have been there to see it happen! If only we could have been there at the tomb on that first Easter morning! To see the Savior of the world with our own eyes, to touch Him with our own hands!”

Our Lord knows, our Lord knew that that’s what we would say, and so He left us two extraordinary things by which we can come into real human, and real mystical contact with Him, our resurrected Savior.  He left us 2 extraordinary things and He wants us to use them both:  a sacramental and a sacrament.

The sacramental:  the first selfie ever taken, almost 2,000 years before the cell phone was invented, a perfect photo, a miraculous and perfect image of Christ Himself.  The Shroud of Turin:  the burial cloth in which His body had been wrapped and on which He miraculously left His own image, not just His face, but His entire body, front and back. It’s the greatest relic there is:  one which has boggled the mind of scientists and other experts, and has converted many who set out to disprove it.  It absolutely terrifies the devil, because it is the snapshot of Christ at the moment of His victory over sin and death.  This is exactly what our Lord and Savior looked like at the moment of His resurrection on Easter morning; and He wants us all to have that picture of Himself.  So I made for you a copy of it, or at least the part of His face.  Frame it and hang it somewhere in your house.  Adore Christ’s Holy Face every day.  In times of temptation, simply look at it.  You cannot, you will not sin while looking at it.  It’s a souvenir from that first Easter morning—a real concrete way to come into real human contact with the Savior Himself.  

Holy Week Procession

Now the sacrament.  If the Shroud of Turin, the miraculous image, allows us to come into real contact with the sacred humanity of Christ, the Most Holy Eucharist brings us into real contact with His divinity as well.  And as great as the Shroud of Turin and other miracles are, they pale in comparison to the Holy Eucharist, which is none other than Christ Himself—His real Body and Blood which rose from the dead, His glorious Body and Blood as it exists now in heaven, the eternal Easter.   

Every time you receive the Eucharist in the state of grace, you come into an even more intimate contact with Christ then did the Apostles and the holy women on that first Easter morning.  They wanted to cling to His physical presence, as was only natural.  He would soon give them in the Holy Eucharist, as He give us, a union which goes even beyond a mere physical one—it’s a union with His divinity, an intimate union with all Three Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity—something which our minds cannot even completely comprehend and which will only become clear when that union is made perfect in heaven.  This is why our Lord told Mary Magdalene not to cling to Him.  He wanted to raise her up to something even greater than just kissing His feet.  He wanted to give her and us a share in His own divine life.  This is what we receive in the Holy Eucharist; that’s why the Holy Eucharist is often called the “pledge of future glory”—it’s the foretaste of heaven.  

Yes, it’s true, we were not there at the tomb on that first Easter morning; but we are there now.  Thanks to His miraculous image on the shroud, we can see His real face, not some portrait made by an artist.  Thanks to the Holy Eucharist we can come into real personal contact with Him, just as the Apostles and holy women did; and even more so, since the union we have with Him in Holy Communion is far greater than just greeting Him at the tomb or in the upper room.

How our good God loves us! Don’t ever doubt it.  Don’t ever forget it; and always make use of these 2 gifts He has left for us.  My Lord and My God!  Resurrexit sicut dixit.  He has risen as He said.  He has truly risen. Alleluia!

Holy Week Procession


Prayer Requests

• For all the benefactors of St. Michael’s Preparatory School, living and deceased.
• For all the students and families of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.
• For all faculty and staff of St. Michael’s Preparatory School.  
• For the Sturkie Family’s very special intention.
• For the Church.